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Drop-down assembly
ACV30 ACV40 ACV41 ASU40 ACV50 ASV50 SXV10 SXV20 VCV10 MCV10 MCV20 MCV30 ES300 ES350 GSV40 JZS147 GS300 JZS160 JZS161 GRS190 UZS190 GS430 LS460 UCF10 UCF20 UCF30 UCF40 MCV21 VCV11 MCV36 ACV35 SXA10G SXA11G ACA20 ACA21 ACA30 ACA33 ACA38 AE100 AE101 EE101 AE114 AE91 AE92 AE95 CE100 CE104 CE114 CE90 CE95 EE80 AE80 AE82 CE80 EE90 ZRE152 NZE141 ZZE141 CE140 ZZE121 ZZE122 NZE121 NZE124 ZZE123 ZZE124 FJ62 FZJ105 HZJ105 HZJ71 HZJ74 HZJ78 HZJ79 HZJ77 J80 J80G J81 LJ77 LJ78 UZJ100 HDJ100 GRJ20 VDJ20 LEX570 GRJ151 RZJ120 GRJ120 TRJ120 VZJ95 RZJ95 GSU45 KZH100 KZH101 TRH20# TRH21# TRH22# KDH20# KDH21# KDH22# LH20# LH21# LH22# LH107 LH109 LH119 LH129 LY151 LY161 LH85 LH95 LN165 RZH135 AGL10 RX270 RX350 AGL15 ACU10 MCU10 SXU10 RX300 ACU15 MCU15 SXU15 MCU33 MCU38 RX330 GSU35 GX100 JZX100 GX110 GX81 GX90 GRX182 GRX120 GRX121 ACR50 GSR50 ACR40 MCR40 ACR30 MCL20 GSL20 MCR30 TCR20 TCR21 CXR20 CXR21 TCR11# CXR10 EP91 EP80 EP81 EP82 NP80 AT150 AT151 AT170 AT171 AT190 ST190 ST191 CT190 AT210 AT211 AT212 CT150 ST150 ST171 CT170 ST195 CT195 ST215 KZN130 LN100 LN106 LN107 LN131 LN165 LN170 RZN168 RZN172 LN167 LN60 LN61 RN106 RN130 RZN167 VZN130 YN105 YN107 YN106 YN60 YN65 YN85 RN8# KUN15 KUN25 GGN1# TGN# GRN210 GRN215 KZN215 LN185 KZN185 RZN185 LN130 VZN18# RZN18# YN130 NCP91 ZSP91 KSP9# SPC# G11 NCP90 NCP92 SCP10 NCP10 NC52 EL4# EL5# SXM10 SXM15 F601 CR40 CR41 SR40 SR41 CR50 CR51 SR50 SR51 NHW10 NHW11 NHW20 ZVW30 AZR60 ZRR70G ANE1# ZNE1# JZS133 JZS155 MS132 GRS188 GRS182 GR202 GRS208 UZS200 SV21 SV50 ZZV50 SV55 AZV55 AXP4# NCP42 NCP41 SCP4# NCP93 ZSP92 AB14 AN15 B13 N14 B14 N15 N16 Y11 N17 EP10 HP10 P12 U14 A31 A32 A33 J31 J32 T30 T31 K11 J10 J10Z K12 Z50 Z51 U11 U12 RU12 U13 PR50 Y50 J30 D21 D40 R50 PR50 Y60 Y61 D22 R20 KH8#W K96 V31 V32 V43 V73 H77W E33A E55A ES L036P E11A E12A E13A E14A E15A CB#A CS1A CS5A 4G63 CU2W MT AT CU4W CU5W CU6W KB4T KA5T K9T N31 N84 NA4W BG323 BA323 BJ5P CX7 626GD 626GE Mazda 6 Mazda 7 M3 DW 3W DY3 DY4 LVEW M8 RD1 RD5 RD7 RE2 RE4 RE1 RE2 RE4 RM1 RM2 RM4 CB3 CB7 CD3 CD4 CD5 CF9 CG5 CG1 CM4 CM5 CM6 CP1 CP2 CP3 GD1 GD3 GD6 CE6 CE8 MDX RA1 RA3 RA6 RB1 RB3 EK1 EK3 EK4 ES5 ES8 ES1 FA1 FB2 FB3 GD8 GM2 GM3 TF3 TF1 CU1 CU2 RN3 KA2 KA7 RF1 RF3 RF4 SF5 SG5 BD BG G10 S10 G12 BC5 BF5 W10 S12 B11 S11 BG9 EJ20 EJ25D EJ15 RS413 SQ415 SQ420 FZJ80 RX300 F601 CM5 GH1/GH2 P10/P11 RH1/RH2 UZJ200 V93 V97 KDJ150 626GC B12 FZJ100 T30/T31 C23M T72 GX81 GRS182 ST220 Echo NCP12/NCP13 AZT250 CJ1A CJ2A RZH102 LH102 GE HDJ80 KZJ95 T25 MCU20/ACU20 AT220/ST220 SV30/SV40 LS400 ST200 GG#/GD# TCR10 K90 SC300 V70 SV41 V75 CV5W M6 ACM21 ZRE142 Fx45 V10 Y31 R51 626GF CD7 B10 L200 LH10# /KZH10# MCL10 J200 NCP50 C11 NCP21 V90 Y10 J15 GRJ150 L400 SC11 K10 T27 E12J P13 CB8 CB8 L300 FX35 RS300 YB21G EG8 C23 H61 AE80 OPTRA Elantra Elantra Elantra ES7 W11 W11 N28 V46 L400 N43 626GF MPV 323BJ BK St180 Nhw20 FJ80 RZH112 GE6 ZRE151 ST170 EU1 323 CU4 E33 GRJ182 EL44 GH1 GY B2000 K94W E55 ZRE142 UZS19# RZH104 CF3 DW3 323BG EA3A P10 323BA CY2A TZ50 C24 S40 2WD 4WD CW5# ZRE15# EL53 GSU40 ZZE142 JB627 SQ416 GD# GJ1 M100s H76 V73W D40M V35 RR1 H77 E25 RG1 SE420 GH MCU30 YD25 CS3A PC5W GA3 ZZE150 KGC10 LX570 C12 L33 E24 CR1 DY3W RX81 GS131 RZJ90 EJ30D BP9 E10 E11 UZS155 I30 E5 1kd 2kd C11Z AT220/ZZT220 G35 ZRE120L KDH202 DY3/DY5 k12 A32 ST190 ZRE120L/ZZE122L k12 J10 A32 T30 AE100 AE100 MCU30 SCP10/NCP10 RB3 MDX T32 K4 IX35 323 BJ NCP51 ST210 TCR1# AE111 BH5 TD#3 N21 ACR50 NCP9 CX9 GX93 RZH109 RCH18 KUN40 GGN50 CX5 B15 VITARA I 98-05 MG1 K3 X-3 LH154 YF1 GX90 LW99 LW99 ST170 EP EP
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Auto Shock Absorbers for Japanese Cars
Major Features:
1. Large quantity stock
2. Own brand
3. Quick delivery
4. Strong packing
5. Customized packing available
6. Specilaized in supplying auto parts for Japanese cars
Auto Shock Absorbers for Japanese Cars

EEP Auto Parts CO., Ltd main products line:

1.  Auto rubber bushing: engine mount, shock mount, center bearing, differential mount, control arm bushing, stabilizer bushing, other suspension bushing
2.  Suspension Parts: shock absorber, control arm, ball joint,stabilizer link, tie rod end, steering rack
3.  CV joint, drive shaft, cv joint boot
4.  Brake parts: brake pads, brake disc, brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder
5.  Fuel pump, water pump, radiator, gasket kit, engine belt

Auto Parts for Japanese car models (Car Year: 1988-2015):
Land Cruiser Prado Hilux Vigo Hiace
Corolla Camry Lexus RAV4
Corona Yaris Vois Highlander
Crown Mark 2 Previa Pruis
Avalon Avensis Ipsum  
FOR Honda
CRV Civic Accord Fit
Odyssey City HRV  
FOR Nissan
Navara Qashqai Teana X-trail
Tiida Sunny March Primera
Maxima Patrol    
Pajero L200 Lancer Outlander
Galant Spacewagon    
FOR Mazda
323 626 Demio Familia
Our Advantages:

1. 1 year warranty
2. Own brand packing: nylon bag with box
3.  We provide high and stable quality products with competitive price.
4. Quick delivery: spot stock selling business way, we have 10,000 square warehouse to stock products
5. 21 years' experience in researching, developing and supplying auto parts for Japanese cars .
6. ISO certificate

About  EEP Auto Parts CO., Ltd:
Guangzhou EEP AUTO PARTS CO., LTD specializes in manufacturing and selling suspension parts for Japanese cars, established in 1995. EEP AUTO PARTS has developed more than 8000 different kinds of products for Japanese applications like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Subaru including shock absorber, ball joint, stabilizer link, tie rod end, rack end, control arm, bushing and mounting. We have been committed to providing high efficiency, quality guaranteed, long durability auto parts to our customers. Until now Guangzhou EEP Auto Parts CO., Ltd owns three branches which are respectively located in Guangzhou, Urumchi and Shanghai. Each branch is in charge of different markets in order to meet customers’ needs in different countries. Now we have more than 500 workers with the production capacity of 50,000 to 100,000 sets every month. And we have built up warehouses total covering area 22,000 square meters in Guangzhou, Urumchi, Shanghai and other main cities in China, thus, we are able to deliver goods to you promptly.

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Our service team:
1.Customer always first
2.Ensure high quality products
3.Responsible, patient and enthusiastic
4.24 hours quick answer
5.High efficient logistics makes it sure to supply orders on time.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to offer you help to build friendly cooperation with you!