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EEP: Era, Eminent, Partner

Twenty one years ago, Quansheng Peng, the founder of EEP Corporation, witnessed a horrible traffic accident which was caused by the poor quality auto parts according to the police. Since then, a dream occurred to his mind like a seed deeply buried in his heart-- to create an independent brand and provide the driver with safe, reliable and top quality auto parts.
With this great ambition, he started to set foot on the journey of venture by himself regardless of all the difficulties and frustration. Learning the fact that Japanese cars’ high advanced technology, he devoted himself to the automotive parts for Japanese cars. Thanks for his hard working and the pursuit of high quality, both his career and products were approved by the market. Moreover, he even established a long-term relationship with some customers. 
In the beginning, he was an entrepreneur, also his only staff. With a massive demand of products and lack of worker by his side, he could not make sure the delivery on time. Therefore, one day, one of his customers refused to cooperate with him again. Here are the words from the buyer: “Your products are of high quality, but the problem is mostly my order can not reach me on time. I have lost some of my customers for this reason, too. Man, this is a new era emphasizing high efficiency and speed, you are a good people, but still I have to call off our business”.
Leaving with a sense of disappointment, he began to think about how to develop his business seriously. It was no longer enough to earn customers’ trust only by great quality as well as passion. It is critical to keep pace with the society under the changing economic environment. Therefore, he changed his business model, appealed the elites, and built his professional team. Creative ideas were applied to the progress of production, development and delivery, which helped a lot with saving time and seizing the initiative. Meeting the customers’ need, treating them like friends finally made the mutual development possible. Soon, overseas markets were opened such as Kazakhstan and Russia. Meanwhile, his firm entered the stage of rapid development.
It turns out that more attention should be paid to keeping step with the new era and win-win cooperation rather than blind enthusiasm and perseverance. He considers it the spirit of existence for the company and in order to keep it in his mind, he named his brand as “EEP” which represents “Era”, “Eminent”, and “Partner”. What’s more, the logo is designed as an arrow leaving the string.